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Magenta and burgundy shapes form a landscape of gently rolling hills beneath a dusty pink sky.

The stud tops are 12mm in diameter, and the semi circle drops are 36mm in diameter.

Each earring portrays a different part of the original Satin and Tat landscape.

This colourful, light-weight aluminium jewellery range is handmade in Kitty Came Home’s home studio.

Surgical stainless steel stud ear posts for happy ears.

Kitty Came Home + Satin&Tat

This product is part of a body of work that I have created as part of a collaboration with Katrina Weber and Farley Wright of South Australian brand Kitty Came Home. The artworks are available in their bi-fold clutches, journals and jewellery products.

In these works my organic and free flowing process has found its inspiration in the lyrics of Bowie, Queen and The Doors, delving into the imaginary landscapes of heightened perceptions that their works evoke.

Textured layers of complementary hues form a tectonic dance of planetary vision; from the vales of mystery to the misting mountain tops and beyond.